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3-channel Tube Preamp SL/LD is equipped with five 12AX7 preamp tubes, which are used for producing cascaded high-gain tones and FX Loop circuits. It takes one rack space (1 U), which is ideal for regular gigging. It is small and light enough to be portable while also offering a wide tonal range for use in the studio environment. Load each channel with a preamp tone that fits only your needs with the ability to expand your arsenal anytime a new tone is needed.


Enjoy the ease of replacing your power tubes anytime you like with the very user friendly power tube bias section found on each SL/LD Preamp. If you like experimenting with different tube types, the bias section allows you to pop-in and bias a new set of tubes in just a few minutes.

3 Independent Channels, each channel is equipped with independent Gain, Master Volume and EQ controls:

  • CH-1 CLEAN channel produces a wide array of crystal clear yet complex clean sounds. When the channel’s Gain control is cranked up, a beautiful bluesy solo sound is possible. Turning the Gain down is more suitable for fingering.
  • CH-2 LEAD 1 – a dynamic overdrive reacts to your picking attack. Crank the gain high and there’s enough saturation for blues styles and old school hard rock. For a brutally heavy metal tone it also gives tons of definition and punch to speed picking and fast palm-muted rhythms. A BRIGHT switch adds glassy tone to your solos while the rhythm becomes more edgy and sharp.
  • CH-3 LEAD 2 – Drive channel – is the highest gain of the two LEAD channels – very dense, aggressive, heavy high-gain tone, so-called California sound. High-gain end is huge. Great for achieving warmest fattest sounds with high density. "Brother" Soldano SLO100 and Mesa Rectifier.
  • FX LOOP can be switched from series to parallel (SERIES / PARALLEL) with the switch on rear panel (FX ON / FX OFF) separately for each channel (CLEAN / LEAD). It also can be controlled by two-button Foot Switch, which is connected with pre-amp via FSW LOOP jack on rear panel.

Instrument Input jack is located on the Rear panel for easier commutation in rack.


  • PHONES- specialized headphones output.
  • POWER AMP - specialized output for connecting with Power Amplifier Input (as a pre-amp).
  • LINE OUT - output for connecting the amplifier's instrument input, amplifier’s RETURN jack or Power Amplifier Input (as a pre-amp).
  • REC OUT - Mono Output to a recording console or a live Mixing Board.
  • COVER PLATE - removable cover to protect the vacuum tubes from mechanical damage.


ширина 482,6 мм
высота 44,0 мм
длина 185,0 мм
Масса: 4,1 кг
Производитель RnR Sound

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